Arc Funding Agreement

A9.3.3 All management organizations are informed of the results of their proposals (including non-recommended proposals for funding). Results, financial endowments and other relevant information on successful proposals will be published on the CRA website and on GrantConnect. The funding deadline for liaison projects for proposals submitted in 2018, which will be submitted by June 30, 2018, is July 1, 2018. Post-docctors involved in the CRA`s support for the Centre will be instrumental in achieving the results of the research. The CRA will honour the most eminent of these post-doctes with the prestigious ARC Centre Fellowships (ACF) award. CFOs can only be awarded after the ARC Centres of Excellence have been commissioned. The Centre`s researchers are informed of a procedure for filing applications for review and potential approval by the CRA as ACFs. The ARC Centre Fellowships are awarded only to outstanding candidates – the CRA has evaluated appointments to the CRA Centre Fellowships in a strict peer review process, using the same criteria and standards in existing CRA fellowship programs. B7.1.1 The Research Director should have a minimum time of 0.5 FTEs (50% of full-time equivalents) for Hub activities. The director of the research centre should demonstrate that he has the time and ability to participate effectively in the project`s activities. If a director of the research centre is unable to meet this obligation, the CRA may decide, at its sole discretion, not to recommend the funding proposal. The funding agreement refers to the agreement reached by the CRA and an administrative organization when a proposal from that organization is approved for funding.

Applicants must meet the current eligibility criteria for access to other CRA assistance programs, as expressed in the funding regulations for these plans. The CRA reserves the right to change these criteria in future funding rounds. Funding rules for all CRA programs are available on the CRA`s website at A4.2.3 Liaison Program systems provide funding to management organizations to support research projects. In the event of an outstanding performance of a CRA Centre of Excellence and subject to the availability of financial resources, the CRA may consider recommending financial assistance for an additional five years. Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) appoints a panel of industry and science experts who have been appointed to assist the CRA in evaluating proposals and recommending CEO funding. A CAS can be drawn by the CRA`s College of Experts. A6.4.6 Applicants are advised that systems may have different limits in other funding rules.