City Of Guelph Collective Agreement

Home „Employment / Career“ What We Do „Labour Relations and Collective Agreements“ CUPE Union Negotiations NEWS RELEASE CITY OF GUELPH – The City of Guelph, The Guelph Public Library and Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Locals 241, 973 and 1946 have reached attempted collective agreements for Guelph`s outside, The University and LOCAL 4120 ratified their collective renewal agreement on September 14, 2020. Please register to access the COMPATIBLE WITH THE ETC Local 4120 agreement. „We are pleased to conclude these agreements without interruption in the city`s programs and services,“ said Trevor Lee, Deputy Director of Administration, Corporate Services. „We would like to thank the unions for their cooperation in negotiating affordable settlements that protect the interests of taxpayers and provide workers with fair, fair and competitive compensation.“ Our collective agreement expires on January 31, 2020. If you need a printed copy of the agreement, please contact a member of management. UGFSEA Unit 1 is the representative of all full-time and part-time regular employees in the university`s Hospital Services Department, employed in a „food service“ capacity and employed on their campus in Guelph, Ontario. The ONA is the sole and exclusive bargaining partner for all registered and graduate nurses at the University of Guelph who are employed in a care function in their Guelph Student Health Services department, with the exception of the Director, Student Health Services and those employed above the rank of Director, Student Health Services. The staff funded by Grant and Trust (G-T) is the one whose appointments are primarily funded by funds outside the university. The university considers „mainly encouraged“ an appointment of which 50% (50%) or more funds come from external sources of grants or trust.

Based on the tasks, scale, responsibility and nature of the work done, employees funded by g-T are employed in both a professional gtp and a management capacity (GTP) or an assistance capacity (administrative and technical) (GTAT). If you have any questions about your collective agreements, please contact a member of your management. I`ve had the worst experience here – colleagues are toxic and they`ve made connections against you. No training, no support system. Employees harass you to the point that you have committed crimes of tears and that you have not implemented good administration and direction. Poor management, poor working hours/hours, Poor staff Sometimes the schedule is unlocked only a few days before the start of a new meeting, coordinators understand or are not helpful, the salary is not the value of all the necessary training CUPE Local 1334 Unit 1 is the only and exclusive bargaining partner for all acting employees at the University of Guelph Library in the City of Guelph for no more than twenty-four hours (24) hours per week. – No responsibility – constantly changing personnel, leaving the door to priorities – management fails – Much bureaucracy and nothing is done Before the union of communication, energy and paper workers (C.E.P.) Local 2003 Unifor is the sole and exclusive bargaining partner for all business engineers and people who work primarily as assistants at the University of Guelph`s Central Utilities Plant, with the exception of the assistant chief engineer and those who have saved the rank of assistant chief engineer.