Electrolux Extended Service Agreement

I bought mine at Home Depot when I bought my washing machine and tumble dryer. I don`t usually buy extended warranties, but for these, I did. Once your payment has been processed for the extended service contract, your insurance coverage is activated and you can claim a right. If your payment was received after your existing warranty or contract expired, there is a 30-day waiting period before your coverage begins. Please check the start and end date of the advanced plan before confirming your purchase. A service contract is no better than the one that serves it. You can wait weeks before receiving a first service call, and you can plan problems that won`t be solved in a single call. If the parts are needed, they must be ordered, most likely. This means more downtime, then an appointment for the arrival of the parts. Service contracts are an excellent training ground for new technologies. But remember that sometimes the service outfit gets a package for the service call, so it`s unlikely that they will spend more time than they should have in the event of a call. If it seems to work, they are at the door, and we can`t blame them. Please read the terms and conditions online before you complete your purchase.

Within 48 hours of online purchase, you will receive an email containing the terms and conditions or a printed copy of the terms and conditions in the mail 7-10 business days after the purchase of the service contract. It`s a good idea to get a copy of the actual service contract and read ES THOROUGHLY. Then you know what the cover is. NEVER ACCEPT. If it doesn`t say it`s covered, don`t expect it to be covered. Check to see if you have copays, maintenance calls and more. Service contracts are at best an insurance and not a policy of satisfaction. I`m looking to buy an ELECTRONIC Electrolux IQ washing machine and tumble dryer (no steam). Should I get a 5-year warranty for 150 $US? Electrolux offers one for about $69/year for up to three years. An interesting thing is that you can buy it with the Electrolux warranty at any time for up to 15 years after purchase. The only problem is that, before they expose you, you have to pay for a service call to check that the machine is in good working order.

I only know one person who was happy to have bought a service contract. Others simply say they feel „safer“ (LOL). Often, it is simply cheaper to occasionally buy a new machine or pay for a repair than to buy service contracts. There is no correct or false answer to the question of whether or not you get a service contract. I bought a $10 phone once and they wanted me to buy a $20 service contract! It will cover it for two years instead of one!!! I said, „Why not just buy a new phone for $10 if it makes a cube?“ He hung up his head and agreed, but he said he had to do what I knew. Please call our extended warranty hotline at 1300-80-1122 or email us at extended.warranty@mondial-assistance.com.my. We work 365 days a year from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. We understand the inconvenience that a collapse can cause. It`s not just about accumulating the wrath of dirty dishes or laundry, it`s the unexpected cost of repairs and replacements, or waiting days for unreliable or unskilled service technicians. That`s why we created our packages for extended warranty.

They offer up to five years of unparalleled coverage for all our large aircraft, as well as our promise that we will help you get things up and down quickly, easily and at no extra cost. Please note that the Extended Electrolux warranty is only available for purchase if it is still at least 30 days before the manufacturer`s warranty expires, based on the purchase date indicated in the sales document.