U.s.-Qatar Open Skies Agreement

The United States has implemented open-air air travel with more than 125 partners. These include several important agreements dealing with rights and commitments with several aviation partners: the 2001 Multilateral Agreement on the Liberalization of International Air Transport (MALIAT) with New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei and Chile, to which Tonga and Mongolia subsequently joined; the 2007 Air Services Agreement with the European Union and its Member States; 2011 agreement between the United States of America, the European Union and its Member States, Iceland and Norway. The United States maintains more restrictive air transport agreements with a number of other countries, including China. But Qatar quickly made it clear that it was reinterpreting the agreement so that it made no sense. It bought a 49% stake in a troubled airline called Air Italy, which had previously flown only regionally in Europe, with some seasonal flights to the United States. Two days after Qatar Airways acquired a stake, Air Italy has embarked on an expansion that now offers non-stop flights from Milan, Italy to New York, Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Its low prices are clearly designed to rob U.S. airline passengers and use their Qatar government subsidies to offset losses. Fortunately, do you think this could lead to greater collaboration between QR and one of us3? QR is very keen to invest in the U.S., and if I read correctly between the lines, it could mean that the door is open to a significant transaction (such as an investment in AA) without the public hostility that results from this open skies edition. „Today is an important day and we commend the government for recognizing the urgency of this situation and for being committed to enforcing our country`s trade agreements and working for American jobs. Without the partnerships of our union leaders and partners and so many members of our team, this effort would not have been possible.

Thank you very much for coming together to ensure that your voices have been heard. They were an important factor for this positive result,“ the airline said in an internal memo. Qatar Airways ignores the 2018 agreement that your government signed with massive government subsidies to launch new routes to the United States through its participation in Air Italy,“ says the announcement signed by American Airlines, Delta and United. „Air Italy was a regional airline in trouble until Qatar Airways injected tens of millions of dollars into the company to circumvent the agreement and expand its presence in the United States.“ „Not only does Qatar`s fraud undermine competition and threaten American workers – more than 1,500 American jobs are lost on every route launched by a subsidized developer from the Middle East to the United States – it directly and intentionally threatens our „American First“ policy,“ Rep said.